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      Titan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Guangdong) was founded in 1995. We are specialized in the research and manufacture of cephalosporin APIs. Our products share considerable piece of the market over the years, some of them has passed EDMF and already sold in European. In March 2013, we gained European GMP certificate, which means we go a step further into the international market. To stay competitive, we bring in internationally advanced equipment and set R&D center for researching and developing high quality products; at the same time, we joint stock in our upstream and downstream enterprises, formed a complete cephalosporin production industrial chain from raw materials production to final products sale.



      For sustainable development, we are committed to managing and reducing the environmental impacts. We built a sewage treatment workshop and introduced new biological waste water treatment technology from Switzerland. In 2006, we passed clean production audit in Guangdong province and met the requirement of environment protection.



      Our mottos are “Proficiency”, “Stability” and “Excellence”. We keep these mottos in mind and try our best to provide products and services of the highest quality, adopt advanced technology to create social value and benefit human health. 


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