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        Titan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. successfully participated in CPh…

        From 24th to 26th, October, CPhI Worldwide 2017 was successfully held in Frankfurt, Germany. Titan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. participated in this exhibi…

        GMP history of TITAN

        GMP history of TITAN 1998: The first workshop obtained GMP certification by GDFA (Guangdong Drug and Food Administration). 2000: Cefuroxime sodium API…

        Experience Sharing Meeting for 6S Management System

        Since the beginning of 2014, the QC department has put 6S management system into practice. In order to extend this management system to the whole produ…

        Experience Sharing Meeting for Quanlity Control and Produciton …

        On may 24, 2014, the Vice Genearl Manager held a experience sharing meeting in the conference room. Directors from production departments share their m…