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          As a pharmaceutical enterprise concerning human health, Titan strives to set high quality standards for all products we made. For years, a lot of efforts has been made on improving our quality and get some results. In 2003, Cefuroxime Sodium has passed EDMF and sold in German; in 2013, we obtained European GMP certificate and new GMP certificate for Cefuroxime Sodium and Cefuroxime Axetil. Now we are applying for cGMP certificate, planning to share the market in American.
      We build a quality system which clarify each one’s responsibility during the whole manufacturing. It covers from the selection of suppliers to after sales quality tracking. Each step is controllable and traceable, precautions and action plan can be immediately made when deviation happened. In addition, we set QA and QC departments to manage all the quality activities, so that all the progress are correct.

      Our quality spirit: proficiency, stability, excellence
      Our mission: produce high quality APIs to benefit people
      Quality Guideline: quality is life.




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