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      Titan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. successfully participated in CPhI Worldwide 2017

      Date:2017-10-28 Label:NEWS Source:admin

               From 24th to 26th, October, CPhI Worldwide 2017 was successfully held in Frankfurt, Germany. Titan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. participated in this exhibition as an exhibitor.

      Titan Pharmaceutical has specialized in the production and research of cephalosporin antibiotics for many years, one of the main products, cefuroxime sodium sterile, has a 40 percent domestic market share, and the other product, amorphous cefuroxime axetil up to 90 percent. The quality of the product is stable enough to meet the standards of European pharmacopoeia and American pharmacopoeia. At the same time, cefuroxime sodium sterile products have successfully obtained the CEP certificate since March 6th, 2013. The CEP certificate of amorphous cefuroxime axetil which help to establish a solid foundation for products to broaden the international market and enhanced competitiveness of the product in international market will be obtained in early 2018, too.

      During the exhibition, Titan Pharmaceutical has communicated with foreign customers directly, not only showing the strength quality of the products of the enterprises, but also better to highlight the image of the enterprise. It has passed the brand to the international market once more and greatly promoted the strategic pace of the development of the enterprise’s international brand.


      CPhI, P-MEC, InnoPack and ICSE these four exhibitions held in the same period this year that has gathered a great deal of global pharmaceutical industries and attracted numerous high-quality overseas buyers all together. In addition to zero distance from the latest technology and product information, it also plays a role of the vane for the direction of development in the entire pharmaceutical industry. The three-day show attracts more than 35,000 overseas buyers from 130 countries and regions to come. And gather so many high-level decision makers and main managers from all over the world at every level of the pharmaceutical supply chain. It is a great way for enterprises to open the door for expanding the international market. In addition, China, India, South Korea, Britain, the United States, France, Russia and other 17 countries and regions have organized a unique national pavilion.



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